Website ‘Caller ID’ For B2B Sales Leads

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Website ‘Caller ID’ For B2B Sales Leads

Did you know that the concept of telephone Caller ID is nearly 45 years old? That’s right, even back in the days of rotary dial telephones, people were eager to identify anonymous telephone callers. In 1968, Theodore George “Ted” Paraskevakos–a Greek communications engineer–began developing a system to automatically identify a telephone caller to its call recipient. After several attempts and experiments, he succeeded. This method became the basis for modern-day Caller ID technology.

Today, Caller ID is a standard telephone feature that people rely on as a necessity–many will not accept a telephone call unless they recognize or know the person calling. Caller ID is the key tool for limiting one’s interaction with anyone from your overly talkative relative/friend to an annoyingly persistent “ex,”  as well as telemarketers and other annoyances.

While telephone Caller ID is used more frequently for evasive measures, there is an exciting new tool of engagement that identifies anonymous business-to-business (B2B) visitors as sales leads. Sales & Marketing leadership is eagerly employing this game changing solution to proactively contact and convert significantly more revenue opportunities. Having B2B Lead ID™ is like using Caller ID to know who visits your website.

Most B2B websites have forms that invite interested parties to voluntarily provide their contact information and request interaction. Other tools of engagement are product trials and downloadable white papers. However, less than 3% of B2B website visitors provide companies with the opportunity to communicate with them as leads from these methods. Wouldn’t you like to identify the 97% as sales prospects?

Take a free test drive of B2B Lead ID™ on your own website. Try it yourself with a no-obligation trial–doesn’t even require a credit card. Setting up B2B Lead ID™ takes just a few minutes – and during the trial the leads are yours to keep for free. CLICK HERE FOR FREE TRIAL!