The OCCAM Lead Generation Seminar

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The OCCAM Lead Generation Seminar

The Orange County Consulting and Marketing (OCCAM) Team’s next lead generation seminar is coming in April. Learn real world lead generation strategies taught by local marketing experts. Presented in “speed dating” fashion, this seminar will show attendees a wide variety of ways to drive more business to their companies.

Seminar at a Glance

What: The OCCAM Lead Generation Seminar

When: Wednesday April 24, 2013. 11:00 am – 1:00 pm (lunch will be served)

Where: Real Office Center, 23 Corporate Plaza, Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660

List of Presenters and Presentations:

  • Modern Tools for Expert Communications Plans
    • Glenn Hansen – HansenHouse Communications
  • Nail the Brand Message Before Starting the Campaign
    • Lidija Davidson – Sift Cipher & Bloom
  • Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads
    • Dennis Carpenter – 24×7 Social
  • Make Your Business Stand Out With Online Video
    • Jayson Duncan – Miller Farm Media
  • Modern Advances in B2B Digital Lead Capture Technology
    • Tom Geeting – Digital Marketing Exponential
  • Supercharge Web Forms to Increase Conversions
    • Walter Pouchot – WJP Interactive; Brad Donnelly –
  • CRM Best Practices for Expert Lead Nurturing
    • Chris Marocchi – KlearStrat
  • Case Study – Jazz Up Your Trade Show Presence to Get More Leads
    • Lesley Sattin – Monkey Joe Speak; Rob Boyce – Display Hero
  • Ingram Micro Case Study – Multi-channel Strategies to Capture Leads from Third Party Lists
    • Tim Templeton – Templeton Interactive

Fee: $40 (includes lunch)



OCCAM stands for Orange County Consulting and Marketing. It’s a play on the Occam’s Razor principle, which says the simplest solution is often the best.  The implication here is: What’s simpler than hiring an expert?

OCCAM Team is an association comprised of for-hire marketing specialists and strategic project managers with specific industry expertise. Customers come to OCCAM Team for their marketing needs, ranging from basic marketing support to complex multi-platform projects.  A one-stop shopping approach takes a page from the popular cloud computing business model. It’s “Marketing-as-a-Service”: scalable, available on demand and pay as you go. Let us be your virtual marketing department.