Identify Individual B2B & B2C Website Visitors!

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Identify Individual B2B & B2C Website Visitors!

You already understand B2B Lead ID™ identifies business website visitors by company name. But now, B2B Lead ID™ can identify ANYONE!

Anyone who clicks on a link to visit your site will be individually identified (it can be a link in a newsletter, a personal email, or anything else you’ve sent them). Once they’ve clicked on the link, the person is “tagged.” Now, anytime they return to your website (without clicking on the link ever again) you will be alerted—by name!

The alert will read: “Good news! Prospect – – is on your website”

This means you will know EXACTLY who the visitor is, not just the company name! {Applause}

• Integrates with any email provider or CRM provider
• Works well for businesses (B2B), and consumers (B2C), too
• Know EXACTLY who the visitor is & get alerts by prospect name
• Create as many tracking campaigns as you’d like
• It’s really easy to use

With B2B Lead ID™, you now know WHO is interested in you and WHAT products/services they are interested in, so that you can convert more sales!

Let us make a believer out of you! Experience a completely FREE 14-day trial of B2B Lead ID™. No credit card is necessary and you get to keep all the leads generated during this period: FREE TRIAL!